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Dear valued audience members,


As we embark on this musical journey together, we want to share the essence of our unique summer academy. Our unwavering commitment to education and the well-being of our talented students leads us to approach performances in a distinctive manner.


Throughout the two-week festival, all performers, whether soloists or ensembles, immerse themselves in the preparation of assigned chamber music, honing their skills with dedication and passion. Under the careful guidance of our esteemed teachers and coaches, they practice and rehearse as ensembles, striving for excellence.


The magic unfolds when our faculty, after many insightful coachings and heartfelt discussions, determine that a group is “ready to perform.” This often means discovering the concert program only a day or two before each performance!


We cherish the individual growth of our students, and thus, some groups may perform more than once, showcasing multiple movements or even entire pieces throughout the two weeks. Others may present a single movement, moving at a pace that best suits their learning journey.


By embracing this approach, we uphold the highest standards of musical excellence, ensuring that every concert is an extraordinary and enchanting experience. Rest assured, by the end of the festival, all groups and soloists will have had the opportunity to shine brightly on stage.


Thank you for being part of this incredible musical celebration. Your support and understanding are vital in nurturing the talents of these aspiring musicians.


With warmest regards,


Christopher Wilshere

Artistic Director


Besides showcasing a plethora of extraordinarily talented soloists throughout the festival, ensembles will perform selections from string quartets and trios. The list of all the groups, the 50 students attending the academy and all their assigned repertoire is posted below.


Ensemble 1:


Mozart String Quartet #14 “Spring”

Violin 1: Elizabeth Scarlet
Violin 2: Ofelia Mariana
Viola: Sydney Campbell
Cello: Daniel Stein


Ensemble 2:


Beethoven Quartet in F Minor, Opus 95

Violin 1: Grace McKenzie
Violin 2: Adan Garcia
Viola: Christian Knopp
Cello: Florence Geneau


Ensemble 3:


Ravel String Quartet


Violin 1: Rafael Gomez
Violin 2: Isis Gonzalez
Viola: Johan Ponce
Cello: Emiliano Nunez


Ensemble 4:


Kodaly Serenade for two violins and viola

Violin 1: Leonid Baranov
Violin 2: Margarita Pavlova
Viola: Alice Ford


Ensemble 5:


Beethoven String Quartet, Opus 18 #4 in C Minor


Violin 1: Jose Antonio Avila
Violin 2: Vasti Luna
Viola: María Fernanda
Cello: Pablo Ivan


Ensemble 6:


Dvorak Terzetto


Violin 1: Quincy Tilles
Violin 2: Sofie Luna
Viola: Johan Ponce


Ensemble 7:


Debussy String Quartet


Violin 1: Jodi Dunn
Violin 2: Israel Coyoc
Viola: Alejandro Gallagher
Cello: Isaac Reynaga


Ensemble 8:


Haydn Quartet Opus 76 #3 “Sunrise”


Violin 1: Jesus Arroyo
Violin 2: Janine Noorloos
Viola: Elizabeth Ramirez Martinez
Cello: Joel Chavez


Ensemble 9:


Haydn Quartet Opus 76 #2 “Emperor”


Violin 1: Marco Antonio Vargas
Violin 2: Ivan Núñez Torres
Viola: Saulo Guardado
Cello: Pablo Ivan


Ensemble 10:


Brahms Quartet #2 in A Minor, Opus 51


Violin 1: David Rivera
Violin 2: Marianna Hermosillo
Viola: Jennifer Gaffney
Cello: Daniel Stein


Ensemble 11:


Dvorak String Quintet in E-flat Major


Violin: Katherine Morris
Violin: Brenda Galvan
Viola: Daichi Yoshimura
Viola: Axel Tahini
Cello: Isaac Reynaga


Ensemble 12:


Mendelssohn Quartet #2 in A Minor


Violin: Natalia Nef
Violin: Miguel Guillén
Viola: Saúl Escalona
Cello: Ricardo Ayrton


Ensemble 13:


Schubert Death and the Maiden


Violin 1: Sevastian Garcia
Violin 2: Edwin Barreno
Viola: Kyungrok Moon
Cello: Joel Chavez


Ensemble 14:


Goldberg Variations Arranged by Federico Sarudiansky


Violin 1: Lenin Gallardo
Viola: Saúl Escalona
Cello: Andrea Judith Sierra


Ensemble 15:


Bartok 44 Duets arranged by Bouma

Cello 1: Alexandria Sellers
Cello 2: Victor Volante Martínez