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For 18 years, the beautiful fishing village of Ajijic, has played host to what has become one of Mexico's most important and prestigious music festivals, the Northern Lights Festival de Febrero. With artists now traveling across the globe to attend, they come in search for musical inspiration, camaraderie and of course the natural beauty of the village. The success of the Festival de Febrero has been our inspiration for an international academy of music held in the same stunning locations.

We've put together a truly first rate faculty coming from Canada, The United States, Mexico and Europe. With a very low student to teacher ratio (about 4/1 student/teacher) we are able to offer a more immersive and personalized experience for each participant. While you are given at least 5 private lessons on your instrument in two weeks there is also a strong emphasis on chamber music. We also offer a wide range of performance opportunities for participants ranging from masterclasses to intimate in-home public performances to major concert halls in Guadalajara. Every concert will be recorded for posterity and students will be able to receive a copy of their recorded performance.

One of the more exciting aspects of the academy is not only it's geographical location, but also it's venues. Rehearsals, coaching's, lessons and concerts all take place in beautiful chambers within luxurious and opulent villas. Historically, chamber music was always performed in the palaces and mansions of the aristocracy. Here in Ajijic, the Festival will continue with the tradition started with the 16 year old Northern Lights Festival de Febrero, by holding chamber concerts in some truly amazing venues – virtual palaces, but yet, private homes in the area.

The location is indeed extraordinary. Home to many thousands of Canadians, Americans, and Europeans, Ajijic and the Lake Chapala area is blessed with one of the world’s best climates, equaled only by the highlands of Kenya. Its main town, directly in front of Mexico’s largest lake – Lake Chapala – is ringed by mountains. It is a town of cobblestone streets, charming residences, over 100 amazing restaurants, and lots of arts activities and plenty of truly Mexican culture. With Mexico's second largest city and founder of Mariachi, Guadalajara, only an hour away and the famous town of Tequila only an hour and a half away, there is plenty to see and experience!

Christopher Wilshere

Artistic Director

Juan Miguel Hernandez

Associate Artistic Director


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